IT Support for Engineering Firms

Application Support for Engineers and Architects

We have a vast array of experience providing support for engineering firms and architects.  We provide installation, support and maintenance for wide used applications such as AutoCAD, ArcGIS and Rev-IT.  In addition, we provide the following specialized services for engineering and architectural firms:

  • Centralized storage solutions - We can provide a centralized location to store all of your drawings and data.  We specialize in onsite and cloud based storage solutions.
  • Cloud based AutoCAD access - Enable your employees to access AutoCAD any time from any device.  This also increases collaboration by allowing multiple employees to work on the same drawing at once.
  • Cloud based backups - We backup all of your drawings and data so in the event of a failure we can restore them within minutes.
  • Resource Optimization - Engineering applications can be resource intensive causing reduced productivity.  We can optimize your servers and workstations to maximize their efficiency.