Dealing with sensitive financial data is what we do best. Backups, encryption, databases, accounting software, permissions and firewalls. It can all be confusing and overwhelming. We work closely with many bookkeepers and accountants to help them safeguard their accounting files and work smarter.

Sample Solutions

Disaster and Business Continuity Planning

If disaster were to strike are you prepared? We help our clients prepare for a disaster whether it be human, environmental, or cyber attack. On-site and off-site data backup, combined with 24/7 monitoring and documentation. We can also help with compliance issues, and perform security audits.


QuickBooks Online Alternative

Many end users and small businesses love QuickBooks online, and while it has some amazing innovative features and convenient online (and tablet) access often bookkeepers and accountants veto it. It's usually vetoed for journal entry limitations and lack of security permissions. We have an alternative everyone will love! We can setup a secure cloud Workstation for a low monthly fee that runs QuickBooks Pro or Enterprise Edition (or any other accounting package and/or Windows based software) that can be accessed via iPad, Android, and PC/Mac. 

We then setup robust security permissions and hourly backups as well as multi-user (simultaneous) access creating a perfect smart solution for your business.  


Simple Secure Password Management

Tired of remembering hundreds of passwords? Using the same password for everything isn't a good choice. Whenever a hacker gets one password (i.e. Gmail password) they almost immediately try that password for everything else (i.e. Amazon, online banking, eBay, hosting)  and this causes havic. There is a smarter way, several actually. One solution we setup for our clients is Lastpass and a Yubikey. This is similar to a keyfob (the lcd keychain with numbers that change every x seconds) with the advantage of a longer key and no need to type it! It connects to any usb port on any platform (PC, Mac, Linux, even an iPad!) acts like a keyboard and authenticates the changing key.

To gain access to your secure password vault you need the physical Yubikey paired with your password. That way if someone knows your password it is useless without the Yubikey. Once in the vault all your passwords, bookmarks, credit cards, form fills, and secure notes are saved in once place. Plugins for Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera let you auto-login with ease. It's a beautiful thing. There is even a way to share passwords and credit cards with family, friends, and staff without them knowing the password and locking down their ability to change it. Your dashboard gives you security audits showing where and when a login or credit card was used and you're able to revoke access immediately.

This is just one of the many security solutions Tech Plus Consulting offers.  

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