High Tech

Let Tech+ take care of the day to day IT operations and help desk so your Startup can concentrate on sales, development, and growth. We run into many startups where the management team is also the IT team, and that causes problems. Who had that admin password again? When was that server last updated? Why does the Wi-Fi not work in the large conference room? How do we change that Salesforce field?

Outsourcing IT to Tech+ is easy. We will handle all your server and workstation maintenance, run your backups daily, and make sure the Wi-Fi works in every room. We can also advice you on new the latest and greatest technologies and how to leverage them to help grow your business.

While many other IT companies are quick to 'down the cloud' we embrace it. We offer Salesforce.com consulting, as well as setup/administration of Google Apps, Office 365, Amazon AWS, and other cloud technologies. 

Salesforce.com Test

If you use Salesforce.com for CRM do this quick test:

Go into Opportunities, and click on stage. Do you know what all these fields mean - Qualified, ID Dec. Makers... did you write those, or simply leave them as default values? Many don't take the time to make Saleforce.com work for them. In a few short hours we can learn your business and suggest better ways to get more value from the cloud software you already pay for. Adding a last contacted field to every account and contact would be one such suggestion. This quick trick allows sales reps to quickly know when they spoke with a client last and connect with those who haven't engaged recently. It takes only minutes to setup and provides a tremendous value. 

Get Your IT Scorecard

See how your business compares to industry best practices and other Bay Area small businesses. Our IT Strategy Consultants will evaluate your IT Security, Business Continuity, IT Readiness, and more. Use your IT Scorecard to help create an IT Solutions Roadmap.

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