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Sample Solutions

Website Hosting

We've hosted quite a few unique and challenging websites for clients over the years. Two example cases:

1) Large Client who Demands Global Performance - Maybe you have a client like this: High maintenance, high value with offices and end users around the world. They report their site is down for part of Germany, but the UK and America the site performs great. You go to troubleshoot with the data center, that leads you to the ISP, and several tickets and phone calls and now days later you have no answers as to why the site performs poor in different parts of the globe. Everyone points fingers at each other and apparently the ISP in Germany is somehow to blame. A peering link down? Hmm... 

Meet Peer1 - our datacenter. While most data centers have two, maybe three or four connections Peer1 owns the fiber: 25,000 miles of it! Along their private fiber 16 data centers are connected across the globe and have relationships with over 1500 ISPs. So if a link is down in Germany they know it before you do. Traffic routes on the private network before being handed off at the nearest ISP to your end user, this means much better performance, and no ISP blame games. A 24/7 NOC actively monitors the traffic reporting any issues to us immediately.  

Fast Fiber Tech+.png


 2) Small Client Who Gains Global Attention - Maybe you have a client like this: They start off small, but through your work and superb luck this client finds themselves suddenly getting global media attention. The hits keep flooding in and your resource-piggy of a CMS is consuming a ton of server resources. The server crashes, you have the data center upgrade it, but it crashes again. Time is running out and the client is frightened. Each time the website fails to load is a missed revenue opportunity.

Meet AWS, Linode, Rackspace and a growing number of on demand cloud hosting solutions. Tech+ has this problem handled. We configure a load balancer to route traffic, and a number of on-demand servers. As a server reaches capacity another virtual server can be provisioned within seconds and auto launched. The website stays up no matter the load. When traffic dies down unused servers get automatically deleted and your only billed an hour or two of server time. The result: a site that never goes down, and a bill that isn't sky high, and most important: a happy client. 

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