IT Solutions for Retail

The world of Retail is rapidly changing. Customer expectations have changed, and mobile technology and social media are now a crucial part of consumer decision making. Many small business owners we work with are overwhelmed. They simply don't have time to spend to learn new technologies and know what is the best solution for them. That's where Tech+ comes in. We act as your strategic business partner, your very own CTO - Chief Technology Officer. Tell us your problems and let us show you the technology solutions that will keep your business humming. 

Sample Solutions

PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance is a necessity any business that conducts credit card transactions or stores client credit card data.  PCI Compliance is a set of security standards that must be adhered to in order to accept major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover.  We have years of experiencing configuring systems to comply with PCI standards and have also have extensive experience in dealing with PCI Compliance audits.



Wi-Fi can be more than just wireless internet for your customers and staff. In addition to setting up proper secure hotspots Tech Plus Consulting can do cool stuff like Facebook Wi-Fi: Offer your customers free Wi-Fi with their Facebook Check In. This does a couple things: authenticates your users to reduce security issues and network abuse, and more importantly promotes your business. 

facebook wifi.jpg


We can also use Wi-Fi to gather statistics:

Tech+ Wifi-retail-presence-analytics.png

In this example, even without customers connecting to your Wi-Fi we can monitor the airwaves and detect smartphones in people's pockets. From there the data can be analyzed to determine:

  • Passersby (foot traffic) vs. store visitors
  • What areas of the store customers visited and how long they spent there (requires multiple AP's)
  • Repeat customers vs. new visitors
  • What devices customers use and what websites they visit


US Smartphone owners who are showrooming while shopping in-store.

(Source: Capgemini All Channel Experience Report, 2012)






Shoppers who rate the in-store experience as at or below expectations.

(Source: Deloitte 2012)